Trailer, Stroller, Jogger and much more!

Welcome to Sainre
Trailer, Stroller, Jogger and much more!

In addition to being the lightest carrier on market, Sainre carriers are loaded with intelligent features that make it very practical, comfortable, safe and user-friendly. The Bicycle Trailer Kit  and Stroller/Jogger Kit are include making it one  of the best priced premium carriers available.

About Us

Green living, active life styles, family fun and value drive Sainre designs. Through the talents of an engineering team with more than 20 years experience designing and manufacturing child carriers, the most innovative products are designed. Through continuous involvement in the international safety standards, the most reliable and safe products are built. By building on the experience of families, the most practical, comfortable and user-friendly products are invented. In achieving goals for active living, enjoyment comes naturally.



Sainre - Fox 2

Bike, Stroll & Jog with your Fox 2 carrier. Total freedom w/o additional kits!

Sainre Accessories

Get even more out of your Sainre with a selection of accessories.


At Sainre, safety is our top priority. All Sainre products exceed the ASTM, Health Canada and CPSIA requirements.